In the early 1980s Pananda DonnaRae overcame melanoma cancer by her own means.


Where upon she began to see the world through “new eyes”.  This “journey” lead to training in many healing modalities.  An inner perception developed to awaken her to her life’s purpose, to assist others in their healing.  Her “art” is the use of her acute awareness and sensitivity, triggering the transmutation of energies.  This facilitates the healing process in others and assists them in gaining clarity for their own “journey”.


Pananda DonnaRae is a trance channeller and is able to use her link with higher knowledge that directs and guides her in which therapy to use and how to use it for maximum benefit to the client.   Pananda is a transmuter of energy.  This facilitates the conversion and clearing away of blockages in the body and the etheric and auric fields, to assist you to Walk your Talk,  to stand in your Power of who you be, with love, integrity, wisdom, discernment, clarity of self and of others.


Pananda began providing clients with Transmutation Soul Therapy™ sessions in 1993 and has been a healing facilitator since 1985 within a range of other healing modalities.


Pananda teaches Reiki Seichem, takes classes in Meditation, Trance Channelling and Spiritual Healing.  She also enjoys Mediumship, to assist love ones in communication between the two worlds.



If you wish to know more about Transmutation Soul Therapy™ healing sessions, please contact Pananda on (+61) 4 1771 4093 or




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