Transmutation Soul Therapy™ is a unique, fast, safe, effective, and powerful way to release stress and personal limitations in all areas of your life, while bringing more awareness into your life through a greater understanding of yourself.



Transmutation Soul Therapy Process


  • Etheric Body Alignment, from opening up the gateway to the releasing of the old and coming into balance of the new
  • Higher Energy Alignment and Transmutation of energies as appropriate for the individual’s life path


This Energy transmutation accesses higher realms to help clear blockages.


It is a “way in” to reach a high level of body alignment, assisting the body to use energies to facilitate healing.


Understand that no healer actually heals a client.  The healer facilitates energies for the client’s own body to use, if it is able to.  This is why the alignment of the etheric body is important.



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